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This page contains photos from some both our Car and ARDF hunts.

Our history scrap book has more pictures of past Albuquerque hunts. Enjoy!

Car Hunts

K5ATM Detour hunt W5UFZ and his antenna
Yes this is a transmitter! Mike, K5ATM and Jack KD5OEO used this on a recent car hunt. Dick W5UFZ and his rotating transmitter.
N6QAB rotating antenna beam pointed at Sandia crest
The N6QAB rotating antenna which was used during a night time car hunt. Brian , N5ZGT used the benford beam to get a bounce on this hunt.


ARDF Hunts

Mike Eaton K5MJE took several photos during the 2005 RII ARDF championships. Recently I was provided a 3 CD set that contained all the photos. The photos are currently hosted on the off cycle web site by Matthew Robbins.

The following link will point to the 2Meter photos

The Following Link will point to the 80Meter Photos

The Following Link will point to the photos taken during the Awards dinner

Please enjoy the photos. Matthew thanks for providing the web space for hosting the event photos. 73's DE WB8WFK

Placeing  MOE Mike, K5ATM and his Altai
Yes we do ARDF in the snow. Snow makes good multipath! I want to start first!
wb8wfk and Altai Stay tuned for more photos.
Jerry WB8WFK and his Altai