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The Next Albuquerque Hunt

Note: I have been having some web problems with AT&T, please hit the refresh button on your web viewer to ensure that you get the latest content not old cashed content.

Next Albuquerque ARDF hunt
June, 2010

June 5 2010


80 Meters (microfox)

Talk-In Frequency 145.565
First Start Time 11:30 AM
Course Setter Kevin
ARDF Site Site 1 (Sedillo)
Directions Directions to ARDF Site 1 ,  ARDF Site 2 & ARDF Site 3 from Albuquerque.
Rules See ARDF rules page.
Misc Info

If you are not a member of the ABQARDF list server and are planning on attending please email Jerry Boyd . This will ensure that we have enough maps on hand. Also If for some reason we have to cancel or postpone the event we can contact you.

Competitors are advised to carry water and whistles.


Sedillo (Site 1)

1:15000 11X17

No parking Fees, No meet Fees

Site is used when NMO is not having ABQ area meets

Sedillo Ridge ( Site 2 )

1:10000 11X17

Very remote site, No meet Fees

Doc Long (Site 3)

1:10000 11X17

USFS parking fee and NMO Meet Fee required

Note a NMO meet fee must be paid for each Doc Long map used. please make check out to New Mexico Orienteers. This site is used whenever NMO is conducting O Meets at Doc Long.

Please be prepared for any inclement weather, and monitor the talk-in repeater.



Directions to ARDF site #1(Sedillo) from Albuquerque
Take I-40 east from Albuquerque.
At 6.2 miles from Albuquerque (tramway exit) Take highway 14 (NM337) south.
After going ~ 9 miles south on S14 turn east on Oak flats road.
Continue east on Oak Flats road past USFS Oak flats area (~ 1 mile from S14). Continue past open space gate (~2.2 miles from S14).
Park at small open area just before road takes sharp turn south (~2.7 Miles from S14).


Directions to ARDF site #2 (Sedillo Ridge) from Albuquerque
Take I-40 east from Albuquerque.
At 6.2 miles from Albuquerque (tramway exit) Take highway 14 (NM337) south.
After going ~ 5.3 miles south on S14 turn east on Forest road 242. Note: FR242 turns into a dirt road.
Continue down FR 242 to Bear Scat trail head and park in the open area on the south side of the road. Bear Scat trail head is located at 35 Deg 2 Min 5.05 Seconds North X 106 Deg 19 Min 11.06 Seconds West (NAD27CONUS Datum).


We welcome newcomers to participate, regardless of skill or previous experience. Send an email to abqthunt@yahoogroups.com if you are interested. See you there!

Next Albuquerque CAR hunt

Note: Car hunts are currently being announced on the email list group.