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Previous Hunt's Report

ARDF ( Radio O) Hunt report for June 5th 2010
Course setter Scott and Kevin

Location Old ARDF SITE on South 14

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Today we had a meet at the old ARDF site. there were 7 persons attending. This was a very hot day (~91 deg at 7500 feet) it was 101 in the city.

we had two new visitors today as soon as I get permission there names will be noted.

Scott and Kevin set different transmitters and they hunted the ones that the other set. This let them get out and do some DF'ng as course setters.

Thanks for setting the coures for us.

Kevin was also demostrating and helping the visitors try DFing while on the course clock..

Mike (K5ATM) stayed at the finish area and provided back up comminications and also watched over all the equipment that was setup.

Jaun also aided in removing transmitters while on the course clock.

Scott Kevin please send me anything else you want posted.



Meet results were processed using the FJWW ARDF score keeping software.

Single rating results generated by FJWW

Run time lists generated by FJWW

Search Graphics generated by FJWW

A map showing all the controls. generated from GPS waypoint data from Kevin and Scott using OCAD10 and GPS utility.

The standard ARDF exclusion circle with a radius of 750 Meters from the start was marked on the map

Runners notes:

Jerry WB8WFK

Start to fox number 5 (MO5) very easy nice open woods.

Fox 5 to number 1. Went south to get around the scrub oak then headed north on the trail and came into number 1 from the north.

Fox Number 1 to Fox number 3. Ran into more scrub oak (I need to update the map) in an area that was marked white. Came in direct to the fox lost time due to scrub oak.

Number 3 to number 4 want back down the re-entrant into the valley followed the trail for some distance then cut up the hill. Ran into more scrub oak then expected (another map update).

Punched through and want direct to number 4. Then headed backed to finish.

Map with path marked for Jerry

Notes from other runners:


Previous Hunt's Report

ARDF ( Radio O) Hunt report for April 10th 2010
Course setter Jerry WB8WFK

Location Old ARDF SITE on South 14

Today we had a meet at the old ARDF site that used the WB8WFK .045 watt 80 meter microfox transmitters ( see photo in october 2009 hunt report below).

This was a FULL length ardf course and the transmitters had full coverage on the entire course area, not bad for a transmitter powered from a single 9 volt battery.

When setting the transmitters a sign was encountered indicating that an area was closed behing the sign. This caused a last minute re-location of transmitter number 5 to occur and thus the differences between the meet PDF map and the FJWW results map.

Transmitter 5 was moved back to the start finish area ( inside the 750 meter circle) time was running out and it was time to get every one started.





Meet results were processed using the FJWW ARDF score keeping software.

Meet Results for all runners.

Map showing all controls with relocated TX number 5.

The standard ARDF exclusion circle with a radius of 750 Meters from the start was marked on the map( except a last minute change for TX5 inside circle).

No transmitters were within 400 meters of another transmitter.

Please note that the re-located control for one transmitter that was not indicated in the FJWW results. The issue with the score keeping software was traced to a issue with saving the configuration file in ANSI format instead of Unicode format. the configuration file has has been fixed for the next hunt. This prevented updating the map graphic for the hunter hunt orders.

Note the homing beacon was not used. A control flag and SI station was located (and hand marked on the maps).



Previous Hunt's Report

ARDF ( Radio O) Hunt report for October 24th 2009
Course setter Jerry WB8WFK

Location Old ARDF SITE on South 14

Today we had a meet at the old ARDF site that used the WB8WFK .045 watt 80 meter microfox transmitters ( see below photo).

Click for large image

Everything placed in the field fits into one day pack. The Sport ident, vertical wire HF antennas, control markers and all 5 transmitters.

Scott KC5VVB stayed at the start point to keep an eye on all of the start location equipment while I placed the equipment in the field (see vet results).

The mocrofox has been in use in New Mexico for several years now ( first version schematic is dated May 19th 1994) and is our temporary replacement for the ammo can transmitters until the new SDR fox is finished. They run all day on a 9V battery.

We had 4 hunters (see results) come out for a nice cool New Mexico October day at ~ 7400 feet.

It was also nice to see Jack Stump KD5OUO come out to the hunt. I hope to see Jack at upcoming meets.

Meet results were processed using the FJWW ARDF score keeping software.

Note: We had 1 runner who did not have an SI card so I hand edited the HTML reports generated by FJWW to add Jack to the results list, there may be a way to enter someone with out SI into FJWW direct. Just have not found out how to do that yet.

Meet Results for all runners.

Meet Results for all runners with links to pages with hunt order and stats for each runner ( click runners name for complete stats)

Map showing all controls (with out home). Since this is a microfox hunt the exclusion circle has a radius of 200 Meters.

Note the homing beacon was not used. A control flag and SI station was located ( and hand marked on the maps).

No on air RF source each runner had to punch the non RF homing beacon (MO) by finding it via map location. An easy task as it was very close to the finish area.

After the last finish Scott, Kevin and Jack assisted with transmitter removal. I also removed transmitter number 5 and linked up with Scott and Jack as they were in the process of removing transmitter number 4.

Mike (K5ATM) stayed at the start point and kept an eye on all the equipment that was located at that location and also monitored the radio in case anyone in the field needed assistance.

Kevin needs to get an award for good map reading and control plotting. He had very good fixes for all required transmitters in M40 plotted on his map. Plots are well within the control circles on the meet map posted on this website. GOOD JOB Kevin and keep up your attention to detail. Do you want to go to a national championship sometime?

The Fox transmitters had good signal across the entire meet location. At home in the City, I have received then as far away as 2 miles from my home QTH using the Fox Finder 80 as the receiver(the transmitter was using the standard club 22 foot vertical wire antenna in a tree and 2 each 22 foot wires for the ground plane). Matching coil is built into the transmitter.

At doc Long the range is shorter around ~ 1.5 KM ( maybe due to the deep canyons).

It may be possible to use much longer courses at this meet location. Some range testing is in order. Maybe an upcoming weekend outing?

After the meet Mike, Scott , Jack and I stopped by the local mountain convince store ( located a few miles from the ARDF site) to get something to drink and a snack and talk about the meet.

No wildlife encounters of the > 300 pound type occurred at this meet location.


Hunt Report

ARDF ( Radio O) Hunt report for July 25th 2009

Doc Long
Course setter Jerry WB8WFK

On July 25th we had a microfox 80 meter radio Orienteering course at the NMO Orienteering club meet.

Both the O club meet and radio orienteering meet had the starts and finish at the horse parking area.

We had a very large turnout for the orienteering meet and may have picked up a person that is interested in radio Orienteering. When he got back from doing an O course, Scott had already started taking down transmitters. Going to send an invite to abqardf.

During the meet when I was in the start finish area we had a visitor come in and talk a look at us. Was working on paper work looked up and there it was, a large black bear.
Also had reports from a runner on one of the advanced O courses that he was followed for a long distance by the bear. Skipped one control due to our visitor.

The bear did destroy 3 of the NMO orienteering course controls. Must have been the sent of food on the punches?

Scott KC5VVB was the only person on the radio O curse. I had Scott remove the controls as he got to each transmitter. Its nice that everything fits into a small pack. So there are no results to post since Scott was spending time at each control taking them down. Scott was the only runner and found every control and returned them all to the finish in about 1 hr.
MAP showing Radio O fox locations.

Hunt Report

ARDF ( Radio O) Hunt report for October 18th 2008
Course setter Jerry WB8WFK

This was the first field use of the Sport Ident system. The Albuquerque transmitter hunters is using the FJWW ARDF score keeping software to process meet results from the Sport Ident system.

We also had a new hunter Garett Rex on the ARDF course. Mike (K5ATM) was providing training.

This equipment used for the hunt was the .045 watt WB8WFK 80 meter Micro fox transmitters and our new Sport ID system.


Other then the snake encounter of the 3rd kind and some bear closures on the north end of the map, we had a very good day and fun meet. Members of the ARDF group also assisted with the NMO O meet ( registration, placing and removing controls) that was also taking place on the same venue.


I also want to thank Kevin for providing a laptop computer for processing E-Punch results in the field. After installing the software from a CD and overcoming a windows file issue everything worked OK.


I powered his laptop from a car battery and 400 watt inverter, Had no power issues.

Meet results processed using FJWW ARDF score keeping software.

Map showing all controls

Finish tickets with sprint times





T-hunt report for: Sunday, May 4,2003
Hunt master: Mike, K5ATM and Debbie KD5LOK


"The Detour Hunt"

Debbie (kd5lok) and I (k5atm) headed out Saturday afternoon to look for a place to hide the fox the next day.  I had just finished building my Montreal 525 Fox and was looking for a place to hide in plain sight.  We turned the corner and saw a road barrier laying the in the weeds -- and it came to me.  Problem was ....who was going to be the one to stuff it in the van!

So who loaded it up? -- Lets just keep that a secret.

After getting the barricade home I disassembled the sign and mounted the fox to the back.

A dipole antenna was stretched diagonally from one corner to the other. I then covered the back with black paper to keep anyone looking between the layers of the assembled sign from seeing any wires.

I then cut a spacer out of 3/4 inch plywood. and distressed the outside edges with the claw part of a hammer, old motor oil, and dirt.  Note that the hole that housed the fox was hidden by the top spreader
of the sign's stand.

It is a little hard to see in the picture above but the fox is on the left and 4ea 9 volt batteries in parallel are to the right.  

The whole thing was reassembled into the following:

Assembled transmitter inside detour sign  

Mike (ki7ab), Dan (kd5ntg), Dan 's friend Glen, and Brian (kd5vlj) -- with a friend who's name I did not get -- arrived a few minutes after we got things put back together and the whole process started over.

Brian (n5zgt) was last to arrive and I have to say up front that Brian was a great sport.  Since we new he was last we decided to have a little fun.  Brian had the same challenge as the other hunters but every time he seemed to get suspicious of the sign I used my HT transmitting on the same frequency as the fox to pull him away from it.  We kept this up for what must have been 30 minutes or so.  Despite all this Brian was able to finally deduce the fox must be in the sign.

Thanks for being such a good sport Brian!

Here are the results in the order of arrival:

Jerry, wb8wfk 9.8 miles
Mike, k5mje 11.5 miles
Dick, w5ufz 8.9 miles
Steve, aa5cj 9.5 miles
Joe, ab5yc 11.0 miles
Dan, kd5ntg and Glen 11.7 miles
Mike, ki7ab 14,8 miles
Brian, kd5vlj 10.? miles
Brian, n5zgt 10.3 miles