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Albuquerque T-Hunting History Scrap Book

The following pictures and text were taken from a scrap book kept by Jim, K5QQ. Do you have pictures from the early days of T-Hunting Albuquerque? Drop us a line so we can expand our history.

Kevin - N6QAB
First place winner of the International Fox-Hunt competition, Kevin was the driving force behind the intense activity now going on in the Albuquerque T-Hunt scene!  Thanks Kevin.

K5QQ 'T-Mobile' in the starting line up - remote S meter and variable attenuator on the dash
N5RKE team
N5RKE team

Jerry, N5RKE, and Tom, WD5JMA as Tom discusses how he will plot bearings in the back seat.

Jerry and Lynn

This picture of Jerry, N5YYD, and Lynn was made to give to the police so they would know who they were searching for! (when they started out with the super DF'er who knows where they will wind up!!!)

Alan, N5BGC, and Maggie drive down from Santa Fe before putting on the Delta Loop.

Jerry's car

Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK, has a computer assisted system. The system, which was featured in 73 magazine, takes data when the antenna moves, calculates max signal and multipath, and reads out bearings!! (his handicap is two kids who go on the hunts with him!) 


"Love that Sniffing" 

Jim, K5QQ (above), with dual X band beam, audio FS meter, and a few spare parts.  Joe, WA0TWG, and Brian, N5ZGT above right. Yes ... That's Brian!!!  Ed, KB5ZAA (right) - "which weed is it?"


AB5P and KA5NQY 

Brett's active attenuator makes short work of a sniff (above left). Saundra and Brett smile after a very devious hide north of the Sandia Mountains! (tricky bounce!!)

K5QQ Loop
hidden antenna

Find the Antenna 

Hidden T's by the master of disguise, Ed - KA8JMW. Directions to T's are on the oil can (left) and trash (right). K5QQ's DF loop (left picture, lower left corner)

ED and Ed

Ed, KB5ZAA and Ed, KA8JMW after a very wet hide by Tim, N5UJG and Mike, N5UJN. Ed steals the last donut from Ed.

It was raining so hard, Bill, N5KE, got out of his jacket but forgot his hat!  Others (QQ) got wet taking pictures.