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1999 Hunt Reports

T-hunt report for: December 18, 1999

Greetings All, and a Merry Christmas.

I noticed that traffic was particularly heavy today. Thank God I was no-where near a shopping mall. All the poor soles out Christmas Shopping missed out on a really great day and T-Hunt. Rich and I hid two transmitters Northwest of Rio Rancho. The first transmitter was located in a tree about 1500 feet west of the water tank at Gas Pipeline Rd. and Northern Blvd. The antenna was mostly horizontally polarized. Unfortunately our vantage point did not permit us to see the fun there. We drove around looking for a vantage point and place to hide the second transmitter and I lost track of where the first one was hidden. Hunters indicated the horizontal polarization caused a lot of multi-path.

The second transmitter was located about a quarter mile South Southwest of the first. Rich hid that one and I never saw it until some of the hunters found it. I seem to be rather clueless today. This transmitter was hidden in a bush with a vertical rubber duck antenna. I was told it was easier to sniff than the first.

We had a long wait. The first hunter didn't show up until about 3:30 PM. Rich and I occupied our time by shooting a pellet rifle and observing the local Flora and Fauna via binoculars. High Desert Flora is pretty limited and the Fauna consisted of one bird and lots of dog and rabbit tracks. Eventually we noticed hunters in our area an our interest picked up. Jerry, WB8WFK, was first to arrive and find both transmitters. Jerry had the winning mileage of 27.6.

Brian, N5ZGT, and friend were dogging Jerry's heals the whole way, at least what we saw. Brian claimed that his mileage was zero and thus was the winner, but his odometer said 28.5 mi. and was taken for the official record.

Our two newest hunters, Mike K5ATM and Mike K5MJE, got into a peck of trouble. They managed to get stuck in a sand trap. Mike and Mike may not have noticed that everyone hunting today, and most days, has a four wheel drive vehicle. They are not necessary. I used a two wheel drive vehicle for years. Experience will help inform you as to where you should and shouldn't go on the West side. Better yet, stay on paved roads until you are sure where to commit. Most East-West roads are pretty good out there. I like to hunt out there. I like to hide out there. I can promise that some of my future hides will be out there. All is well, Mike and Mike managed to extricate themselves before the rest of us could arrive on the scene. I guess the best time to get stuck or lost is when the Albuquerque T-Hunters are on the road and able to track you down.

Be sure to check out Jerry's web page as there are some interesting picture maps of today's hunt there. It is located at: http://home.att.net/~wb8wfk/

Well that's all for now. Jerry has promised an interim hunt next week some time. I can't make it, but hope you can. The next likely hunt is the first Saturday in January, but watch your E-mail or Jerry's web page for details. Glad that you could come out. I hope the Y2K bug or your hangover won't keep you from the next hunt.

73s Joe, AB5YC

T-hunt report for: December 4, 1999
Huntmaster: Jerry, WB8WFK

I have been somewhat slow in getting out this report (been working on an 80 meter CW ARDF transmitter ).

We had three teams come out to today’s hunt event, This hunt was slightly different then a normal Albuquerque T-Hunt. The transmitters where using cycle 1 and cycle 2 of the international ARDF format (MOE and MOI). Each transmitter was on for 60 seconds.

This was the first hide using the new PIC based ARDF controller. I planted the transmitters ahead of time and the transmitters auto started after the programmed delay.

I was also pleased with how well the two transmitters stayed in sync. Also this controller places a 4 hours time limit on the hunt (hard coded into the program).

The weather was cold since a light snow had occurred in the foothills over night. The snow was melted by noon.

Some day I hope to have five transmitters going on a hunt. Also looks like the 80-meter transmitter is working. Anyone want to try to find it?

The teams and results are as follows:

Joe AB6YC 11.65 miles <<--- Winner
Ron WB8UWB 13.15 miles

Mike and Mike K5ATM and K5MJE 16.8 miles

Joe is next.


T-hunt report for: November 7, 1999
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

I guess it's about time I get this out .What a nice day it was to put on a hunt. We had 3 teams out looking JOE AB5YC with sidekick RICH and JERRY WB8WFK and a new comer MIKE K5ATM.

Since Joe lost track of the mileage, I declared Jerry the winner. Jim K5QQ said that he heard the signal at his QTH and needed 20DB attenuation to get a fix on me. It was just a last minute thought to put it on so I didn't send out an E Mail to everyone.

To get back on schedule, the next Hunt should be on Sunday NOV 21, with Jerry Boyd WB8WFK as hunt master. Welcome to the group MIKE, hope to see you a lot.The Fox was on the east side of Rio Rancho over looking CORRALES.


T-hunt report for: September 11 ,1999
Huntmaster: Jerry, WB8WFK

It was a nice sunny warm day for a hidden transmitter hunt. The transmitter was programmed to operate in cycle 1 of an ARDF sequence (MEO on for 60 seconds). The position was 35deg 09 min 00.4 seconds north by 106 deg 40 min 50.1 seconds west.

Joe AB5YC was the first hunter to arrive at the site then Ron WB8UWB was next.

Joe had the winning mileage (8.4)
Ron had 12.1 miles

Looks like Joe is the next Hunt master.

73’s Jerry

T-hunt report for: July 10, 1999
Huntmaster: Ron, WB8UWB

Hi guys. Well it was a nice morning to set up a T-hunt, no rain. I thought it would be nice to take a walk, a long one. It took longer than I thought for the three teams to find the fox hiding in a tree along the river next to the bike path, between Paseo Del Norte and Montano.I was trying to stay out of site and did not see Brian N5ZGT and Chris N2YQP and Jerry WB8WFK show up first. I did see Joe walk past it on the bike path . Rich stood guard back in the parking area. Jerry got to try out some new gear he built, and I brought a three element beam I built to show the guys. They all tried it out and said it worked good.

The T was located at N 35 Degrees 10.224Minutes---W 106 Degrees 39.263 Minutes (WGS--84 DATUM ) was nice to see Chris make the hunt, do it again soon Chris ! Winner was BRIAN --- CHRIS with 16.7 miles.
JOE ---- RICH had 23.2 miles
JERRY had 24.2

T-hunt report for: February 21, 1999
Huntmasters: Joe, AB5YC

Greetings Ya All!

Sunday was a great day for Transmitter Hunting. It's too bad that most of you missed out. The sun was warm and the wind wasn't too bad. Rich and I spent 1 1/4 hours enjoying the beautiful weather before the hunters started arriving.

The transmitters were hidden north of the Alamedia bridge on the East side of the Rio Grande. I chose the site to teach Ron, WB8UWB, that these technological super DF finders are not all they are cracked up to be. Ron was a little smug about how well his DFer worked so I thought it was time for a humbling experience. This area is wooded, the transmitter was horizontally polorized, the combination is absolutely devistating for vertically polorized switching DFers.

Jerry, WB8WFK, was first on the scene. He decided from the git go that the DFer wasn't going to cut the mustard. He set off for the sniff with a 4 element yagi and active attenuator. He also carried his DFer, but later said it was not good.

Rats, foiled again! Ron arrived on the scene on foot. I think he parked somewhere near 4th and Alameda, just kidding. Worse yet, he was only carrying his 7 element yagi. Let me tell you, that beast still has some advantage. He got side tracked by a multipath or two, but found the transmitter moderately quickly.

The second tranmitter was located on what would normally be an island when the river is up. It was craftily hidden in a clump of very tall grass by Rich, brother of the Master of Disguise. I was following Ron while he hunted, not wanting to reveal in which direction the transmitter was hidden. I lost track of Jerry while he hunted the second transmitter. I got a royal kick out of standing near Ron while he played rotator with his beam and Jerry was exiting the island in the back ground. If Ron had turned around he could have seen where the second transmitter was hidden.

The hidders must take his pleasure where can. It is pretty boring until the hunters show up. You can only look at so many sea gulls, duck, Sandhill Cranes, crows, airplanes, and dogs. There were plenty of dogs. Most dogs were accompanied by amateur walkers. I know they were amateurs because they did such a terrible job it. The Sandhill Cranes did something I had never seen before, a Vee shaped flight broke formation and started circling upward on a thermal that was almost over our heads. I estimate the trippled their altitude before procedeing on north.

In case anyone is interested, Ron won the hunt, probably by parking farther away.

Ron WB8UWB: 9.2 mi.
Jerry WB8WFK: 11.5 mi.

The next hunt should be on March 6th. Ron gets to host it. Come on out. The weather is fine. It has starting to warm up, sometimes! Now is the time, before the grass starts to grow and you become married to the lawn mower.

Hope to see you there. 73s.


T-hunt report for: January 9, 1999
Huntmaster: Ron, WB8UWB

Hi guys. We had two hunters for the night hunt . Got more interest in this hunt than ever before, but just JOE- RICH AB5YC and JERRY WB8WFK showed up. Jerry found me at 8:05, than we both watched Joe and Rich drive around the arroyo trying to find that clean signal. as the T Box was hidden in a dish washer.Joe showed up at 8:57. JERRY was the winner with 19.3 miles and JOE--RICH took the scenic trip around the arroyo with 29.65. Next hunt should be on Sunday 1---17---99 at 1:00 pm. Hunt master will be JERRY BOYD WB8WFK. See you then 73 RON PETERSON WB8UWB