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1998 Hunt Reports

T-hunt report for: December 5, 1998
Huntmaster: Jerry, WB8WFK

HI T-Hunters. We had two hunters for today's hunt. Ron WB8UWB and Joe AB5YC. The transmitter was located in the park next to TVI (El Oso Grande Park).

Joe was the first hunter to arrive at the transmitter about half an hour later Ron arrived.

Ron was using his new Dfer for sniffing the "T" at the end of the hunt. After the hunt Ron,Joe and Jerry experimented with Ron's Dfer trying to explain a strange behavior the unit was exhibiting. Ron and Jerry also did some testing later on in the day (using test equipment) and we now understand the anomaly in the Dfer and also can enhance it (looks like a chance to have some fun!).

Joe is the winner with 9.05 miles. Ron had 9.35 miles. Joe has the next hunt (Dec 20?)

T-hunt report for: November 15, 1998
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

Hi Guys. Boy, was it ever a nice day for a T-hunt!!!!!! We had Joe AB5YC and Rich, and Jerry WB8WFK, and a new comer Steven Cave AA5CJ attend the hunt.The T was hidden in a large rock pile just off Paradise at Pipe line road.

Jerry was the first to show up at 2:15 with 16.3 miles, followed by Joe AB5YC and Rich, with 20.7 miles.Steven called to see if the Hunt was on at about 3:30 or so, that was before Joe and Rich showed up, so he joined the Hunt from his home.

We all had fun watching Steve try to find the T. we had to help him along some , it was getting cold and dark. What a fine job Steve did on the sniff. Joe and myself couldn't hardly believe it. He must have a better H T than we do. Jerry get's to hide next on December 05. Lets all get out and have some good FUN. 73 RON WB8UWB

T-hunt report for: November 8, 1998
Huntmaster: Joe AB5YC

Greetings Everyone Sunday was a pleasant day for a transmitter hunt. It should have been on Saturday, but the Soccorro hamfest would have interfered. There was lots of clouds and sun and some wind, but atmosphere was very clear. Rich and I utilized our binoculars a lot. Birds a plenty out there.

Speaking of out there, the transmitters were located near the West end of El Malecon street. El Maecon runs from Coors West about half a mile and ends in a culdesac. That is approximately half way between Montano and Paseo Del Norte. Both transmitters were set at 200 mw. The primary transmitter used a J-Pole antenna at 45 degrees laying in a bush. The other transmitter was located in a bush about 40 yards away. We tried to disguise the second transmitter with several wire stakes and other false leads, to no avail.

Ron, WB8UWB, arrived after 2 and 3/4 hours and began to assembly his new DFer. A few minutes of getting used to the DFer and he started finding transmitters very quickly, but not that good. Ron arrived with a potential new T-Hunter, Steven, AA5CJ. Steven proceeded to body null the location of both transmitters before Ron got fully set up. That was pretty good. Body nulling is often rather difficult.

Since Ron was the only hunter officially entered in the hunt, Steven didn't have a beam to start the hunt and merely followed Ron, Ron gets to hide the transmitter next time. Next time is actually this coming Sunday, 1:00 PM. The third Sunday is only a week away. I can make that hunt, Ron. Is anyone else able to make it?

73s Joe AB5YC

T-hunt report for: October 25, 1998
Huntmaster: Joe AB5YC

Greeting All Today started beautifully with the first mass assention of the 1998 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta followed closely be a transmitter hunt. By the start of the T-Hunt most of the balloons were back on the ground and didn't cause us any problems. Two hunters searched for the transmitter today. Jerry, WB8WFK, and Ron, WB8UWB.

I cut them some slack today. I placed the tranmsitter beside a small concrete wall that was part of the landscaping of the McDonalds located near Wyoming and Montgomery streets. Neither of the hunters had any problems finding me and only minor problems finding the T-Box. Low power, 200 milliwatts and the scrubery may have caused most of the problems.

On my last hide, I sweated out in the hot sun for hours. This time I took the easy way out, including as good a breakfast as Micky D's can generate.

The final results indicated that Ron was the winner by a very small margin.

Ron 6.75 miles
Jerry 7.15 miles

It looks like Ron will host the next hunt on Sunday, October 18th. If you plan on comming, please let Ron know. Turnouts have been pretty poor lately. I will be there Ron.

73s and Happy Hunting


T-hunt report for: October 18, 1998
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

Hello T-Hunters. Joe AB5YC was the only one to show up for the hunt. He left Rich home this time and found the T in a storage shed at Home Depot near Cottonwood mall. Joe said it was a good hunt , so we both had a good time. I hope to see more show up at the next hunt. That should be on 11--07--98 at 9:00 AM

73 Ron WB8UWB

T-hunt report for: September 12, 1998
Huntmaster: Jerry WB8WFK

We only had one hunter show up for the hunt. So Ron WB8UWB is the winner.

The next hunt will be Sept 20 at the standard time. The hunt master will be Ron WB8UWB.

73’s Jerry

T-hunt report for: September 20, 1998
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

Hello T-Hunters......This well be a short one,only Joe AB5YC and Rich showed up for the hunt this time so Joe and Rich get to hide next hunt. Lately they seem to do better at hiding than finding. After about 80 miles and 4 hours they said they had enough fun and threw in the towel. better luck next time. Of course Joe goes where Rich tells him to go. Next hunt should be on 10/03/98 9 AM. Hope to see more show up next time. 73 Ron WB8UWB

T-hunt report for: August 9, 1998 (KA8JMW visit)
Huntmaster: Joe AB5YC

G'Day Mates

Sunday was a beautiful day, maybe a little hot. It was my duty to remind Ed, KA8JMW, that he is only the master of disguise. Yes the lad returned from the land down under. Is it any wonder that he was always going the wrong way. But , I must give credit to Jim, K5QQ, as well. I watched with amusement as they covered the same quarter mile four times.

I placed the first transmitter, 145.565, 200mw, quarter wave rubber ducky antenna, in the ground between two short bushes. The location was on the West Mesa, where else, within a few blocks of Unser Blvd. as it tops the Mesa. Exact location is not known. It started inside the Petroglyph National Monument, but was soon removed by order of the Park Rangers. It seems there is a law against digging in there. A note on the transmitter directed the hunters to return to their vehicles and change frequency, they had more miles to go.

The first hunter to arrive was Jerry, WB8WFK. He did drive past it, but hiked back with a beam to sniff it out. Ron, WB8UWB, fooled me by not even driving past the top of the hill before sniffing out the transmitter on foot, good Job. I saw a few hunters make a dash for areas South of the transmitter. Like I would repeat a hunt, shame, shame!

The second transmitter was located about one mile West Northwest of the first. That is very close to the Southeast corner of another open space. This transmitter was configured the same as the first except for the frequency, 146.100, and it was in a cedar tree as high as I could get it. That proved to be a problem for some. Most everyone went in the wrong direction. Jerry arrived first. Ron arrived next. Jim and Ed and Brian, N5ZGT, arrived shortly after. John, KC5CMA, arrived last. John as solved the problem of cutting a hole in the roof for the antenna. He rides standing up in the bed of his truck while rotating the antenna and XYL drives, very low tech John.

I was located on a hill about 2000 feet to the West. I could see both transmitters, with the aid of binoculars. Actually I had to guess from the vehicles who was who. I had drinks and treats for the tired and thirsty hunters, however I did try to eat and drink as much as possible before they got there. Next time, you had better hurry. Jim and Ed arrived with their own refreshment. Probably the last two bottles in a case. May explain their T-Hunting technique.

Results sorted by arrival order:

Jerry WB8WFK 14.0mi
Ron WB8UWB 12.2mi
Jim K5QQ
Ed KA8JMW 14.1mi
Brian N5ZGT 14.5mi
John KC5CMA Odometer inoperative

Congratulations Ron. Slow and methodical can win the day. Rich and I didn't realize you were in the area until Jerry pointed you out. I did park a further quarter of a mile away for a reason. I wanted everyone to think that I just wasn't hid very well and they sould drive right to me, not realizing they had just added a quarter of a mile extra.

Ron gets to hide the next time. The next scheduled time is this Sunday, August 16th. That may be a bit soon. Let us know if and when you decide to hide.

Ed has volunteered for an all day hunt next month. It will probably not be heard at the start point. Sorry to see you go Ed. Its back to wandering in the wilderness. Next to you I look like Superhunter. Almost kidding!!!

73s everyone.

T-hunt report for: August 20, 1998
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

Hello T-Hunters

It was nice and shady at Graves Park, 9 th street and I 40 north of I 40 waiting for the hunters to show up. Jerry WB8WFK was the first to show up in about 30 minutes with 5.85 miles. Jerry stayed there waiting for Joe and Rich to show up until about noon. Joe called me once after a long time saying he was out by paradise hills. Now I would like to add some humor in here, but I want to stay in good standing with the group.Maybe Rich wasn't up to navigating that day and just wanted to go for a long--long--long ride. Rich had Joe within a block or two three different times. After about 4 hours they through in the towel. They were only a block away. they arrived at the park with 77.7 miles and sniffed out the T box hidden next to a fence running 1watt and duck ant. My apologizes go out to all those ho did not get notified of the hunt by E mail. Jerry gets to hide next time.

C U all later

Ron Peterson WB8UWB

T-hunt report for: July 19,1998
Huntmaster: Jim K5QQ

The July 19th hunt was a hot one. 100 F at the Michael Emery trail head where a 4 element beam was aimed at Sandia Crest. It took Jerry, WB8WFK an hour to find it and Joe, AB5YC and Rich about 90 minutes to get there. They went to Glenwood hills where they were getting a signal off the back of the beam and while hiking thru the field, thought they sighted my car.

Both Hunters had trouble finding the parking lot as it is too new to be on any city maps. It is a nice hiking trail head at the extreme east end of Spain Ave.

Our third hunt team, John KD5CMJ, and his wife, KD5C?? did not show up at the finish point before I had to leave. Sorry about that John. We called on the T-Hunt frequency and the 147.15 repeaters but never heard anything from you. Hope you didn't get lost in placitas or somewhere.

Anyhow, Joe and Rich won with 13.45 miles and Jerry was second with 17.15

miles. At this point, we will likely NOT have a hunt on August 1st but will delay it a week so Edwardo, the master of disguises - VK5KED - ( aka KA8JMW ) can fly in from Australia to join us. We'll let everyone know if it's going to be saturday or sunday, August 8th/9th)

C U all later and hope to see more hunters out.

Jim Baremore

T-hunt report for: June 6,1998
Huntmaster: Ron WB8UWB

Hi T Hunters: We had 3 hunters today for Saturday June 6, 1998.

The froggie was hidden in a 5 ft. drain tube right next to the river at the end of Rib Mountainin in Rio Rancho. Jim K5QQ and Joe AB5YC and sidekick,Rich arrived at 11:00 a.m. Brett at about 11:30 a.m.

Jim found it right off but told Joe he needed to get his DF er so Joe kept looking with his new antena he just built. Joe discovered his phase line was wrong and started to look with the back of the antenna. It seemed to work better that way and found it shortly thereafter. Next time you see Joe ask him what he said when he looked in the end of the tube.

Brett had battery trouble so he did not sniff out the T Box.

Just an additional note Jerry WB8WFK got a jump on everyone and found the froggie on Memorial Day. Thanks to him I knew the froggie would work today. Many thanks to all of you coming out to look for FROGGIE.



Note: The remainder of 1998's Albuquerque Transmitter Hunting reports could not be located. We will post them if they are found.