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2002 Hunt Reports

T-hunt report for: Sunday, August 4, 2002
Huntmaster: Joe Riggs, AB5YC

Hi All Sunday was a beautiful day. A little humid and a bit warm. Just enough to make it sticky, but we had a fair turn out for the hunt. I told them it would be easy, I just didn't tell them how far they were going to have to go.

I hid the transmitter west of Rio Rancho, west of the big arroyo out there, and a mile north of Southern Blvd. It wasn't a difficult hunt as the main transmitter was running 2 watts to a J-Pole laying in a cactus, about 45 degrees. Didn't fool anyone.

The Dopplers arrived first. A second transmitter was hidden about a quarter mile to the West Southwest. It also wasn't too difficult. This was Dan's first hunt and he did very well as soon as he gave up hunting near me. I don't always stand near the transmitter, in fact I have been known to park/stand a couple of miles away. Never trust a T-Hunter. Trust your equipment, at least half the time. The rest of the time it's Easter Egging time. You know, I think Mike, K5ATM, is getting lazy. He was bragging about teaching Debbie to sniff out the transmitters and this time he was training Dan. I guess that Mike just doesn't want to do the tough jobs. Hi Hi.


Team Call Miles
Mike and Dan K5ATM and KD5NTG 20.7 WINNER
Chuck KD5TBU 27.1
Dick W5UFZ 35.2

Well, as you can see, Mike and Dan were the winners. Everyone arrived in good time. I guess Mike and Dan can decide who will hide next time. Saturday, August 17th, seems about right. I don't think that interferes with anything like a hamfest. See you then.


T-hunt report for: Saturday, July 20, 2002
Huntmaster: Dick, W5UFZ

The fox was located at the north end of Louisiana Blvd. NE where it deadends into Elena NE. At this point Louisiana is a dirt road ending just south of the Bien Mur store and on the northeast corner of the now-closed Coronado airport. I attempted to shunt feed a very long barbed wire fence, using a 7db pad. The signal could not be heard at the start point. (Will try again someday but need probably 10 watt xmtr to make it work) So the antenna was loosely wrapped around the fence wire. Initial bearings at the start point were North and due East! So some hunters went north and others went east. Apparently there were some strange reflections, particularly around Tramway and Spain, where the bearing was again East toward the mountains.

Here are the results:

Team Call Miles
Steve AA5CJ 12
Jerry WB8WFK 25.7
Mike and Debbie K5ATM and KD5LOK 59.7 (officially DNF)
Chris Unknown DNF

Where did you go Chris? I heard that Mike, K5MJE was already in the east mountains so he decided to go home. It was already after the noon stop time. As an aside, we put a FT-817 QRP radio on the air from the tailgate of the huntmaster's vehicle. A number of contacts were made with "ships on the air" and Jerry is going to get a certificate from W6RO, the wireless station on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. We were running 5 watts to a manual screwdriver.

Thanks all. See you at the next one.

73 de Dick W5UFZ

T-hunt report for: June 27, 2002
Huntmaster: Jack KD5OEO and Scott KC5VVB

Since it's almost time for the next hunt (and since people are asking) it must be time to get the hunt report out! Jack, KD5OEO and I, KC5VVB were huntmasters. Jack felt that everyone may enjoy a nice morning drive, and recommended a spot near the Belen Airport. As I was the local boy, I explored the mesa near the airport and picked a spot overlooking the valley. The site was in the comforting shade of some high tension power lines. Local scenery included the mesa top and some scrawny cattle. Jack and I were quite relieved that the signal (5 watts) could be heard at the start point, probably about 30 miles away. Several of the hunters had trouble sniffing in the area. It was either the power lines overhead or the sun!

Joe, AB5YC showed up first, at about 10:45 (as I recall). Dick walked in from the foot of the mesa at about 11:30. It was Dicks second T-Hunt trip to the Belen area. Mike and Debbie came walking along the mesa top with Steve a little later. Jerry showed up at about the same time, coming up the side of the Mesa. Jerry walked 8 miles! Although there was some distance to be covered, everyone seemed to be pleased with the hunt, and we all stopped at the Rio Grande Diner for a bite and some conversation.

The results are:

Team Call Miles
Dick W5UFZ 35
Steve AA5CJ 43
Mike and Debbie K5ATM and KD5LOK 43.5
Joe AB5YC 48

Jerry wins (again) but cannot make the next hunt. Dick will be the next Huntmaster. I'm sorry for the short notice. Dick has asked for Sundays hunters to please check in - he wants to have a turn out. Maybe he's got something up his sleeve (again).

Thanks to all from KD5OEO and KC5VVB. Scott

T-hunt report for: June 1, 2002
Huntmaster: Jerry, WB8WFK

This was the first night hunt in a long time so it’s a new experience for most of our hunters. We had a special guest present at the hunt. A film crew from Comedy Central's “Insomniac with Dave Attell” show video taped the hunt.

One crew and Dave Attell rode along with Mike K5ATM. I was at the start point and took the second crew to the transmitter (this is the first time that I was at the start point when I am the huntmaster). The transmitter was located out on the west mesa above petoglyph national monument.


Team Call Miles
Scott and Jack KC5VVB and KD5OEO 12.9 WINNER
Steve, John and Ben AA5CJ and N5BEX 19.2
Mike, Debbie and Dick K5ATM, KD5LOK and W5UFZ 23.4
John and Ralph KB5EEN and NM5RC Not recorded.

I understand Mike made a little side trip downtown! Ask him for details... It’s our understanding that the show will air sometime in November. When we find out the air date we will post it on this list.

73’s Jerry

T-hunt report for: May 5, 2002
Huntmaster: Dick W5UFZ
and Chan WB1Q

The Fox was located in the southwest corner of Placitas, north of the Sandia Indian Reservation in a small strip of land which is public land in a State Wildlife Refuge. The transmitter was initially setup through a random antenna switching device which switched rapidly between two 3-element yagis and a rubber ducky. This produced a strange sounding and very weak signal at the start point; so the switcher was removed 25 minutes into the hunt. The configuration was then a splitter to the two yagis, horizontally mounted sharing one watt. One was pointed toward the Crest and the other toward Rio Rancho.

The hope was to reflect off of the Crest and from Rio Rancho, at the start point. Lesson learned: there's nothing in Rio Rancho large enough to reflect the signal. It didn't work.

Here are the results:

Team Call Miles
Jerry WB8WFK 27.4 WINNER
Mike and Debbie K5ATM and KD5LOK 29.7
Joe AB5YC 30.2
Mike K5MJE 40.0
Scott and Sean KC5VVB and No Call DNF

It would have been quite a hike Scott, out across the Sandia Indian Reservation, to the north. Scott and his friend did join us later at McDonalds in Bernalillo. Was the fox on the map? Yes! Check the corners of the map, hi. We had perfect weather.

Thanks everyone, CU at the next one.

73 de Dick W5UFZ and Chan WB1Q

T-hunt report for: 2002 USA ARDF Championships near Atlanta Georgia
Huntmaster: Georgia Radio Orienterring Association

Well, here's the final official results of the 2002 US ARDF Championship. The Albuquerque team participated in the M40 (Males 40+) and the D35 (Females 35+) classes. The first set of results listed below are for the US participants. The second set are overall results which include competitors from outside the US.

US Championship

M40 2 Meters
1st: Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK
2nd: Mike Pendley, K5ATM
3rd: Jack Stump, KD5OEO

M40 80 Meters
1st: Jack Stump, KD5OEO
2nd: Brian De Young
3rd: Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK

D35 2 Meters
1st: Debbie Pendley, KD5LOK

D35 80 Meters
1st: Debbie Pendley, KD5LOK

Overall Championship

M40 2 Meters
1st: Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK
2nd: Hiroshi Izuta
3rd: Mike Pendley, K5ATM

M40 80 Meters
1st: Jack Stump, KD5OEO
2nd: Hiroshi Izuta
3rd: Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK

D35 2 Meters
1st: Debbie Pendley, KD5LOK

D35 80 Meters
1st: Debbie Pendley, KD5LOK

All the members of Team Albuquerque worked very hard to prepare for the event. Since January you could find them spending their Saturdays participating in practice hunts at the Ellena Gallegos open space or working on the construction of their T-hunting equipment.

Of the 16 medals that were available in the classes they competed in, Team Albuquerque won 13 of them. Congratulations to them all!

73, Mike K5MJE

T-hunt report for: April 27, 2002
Huntmaster: Joe AB5YC

Greetings All,

It was a beautiful day, at least as the hunt started. It was actually just in-between rain squalls, but the sun was out most of the time. I placed two transmitters in the open space East of Four Hills. The primary transmitter had a line of sight path to the start point. There were four teams out searching for the transmitter. It is interesting to note that the order of arrival is almost inversely proportional to the accumulated mileage. Actually the accumulated mileage is also almost inversely proportional to the distance that the hunters parked away and walked in.

The results:

Team Call Miles
Dick W5UFZ 10.8
Steve AA5CJ 11.0
Mike and Debbie KD5LOK 11.1

Congratulations to Jack with the lowest mileage, however he was ALL WET. By the time Jack arrived the rain had started again. Obviously, parking away and hiking, is the way to win a T-Hunt. Except for my hunts, I disqualified Jack for excessive traveling without dripping and being all wet. Actually, Jack can't hide next hunt as he will be hiding in Georgia. Pretty drastic action to get out of hiding, so Jack was just practicing. Therefore, Dick, W5UFZ is the official winner.

Just an observation: All the over achievers that parked away today had no problem accepting a ride back to their vehicles. We may or may not what to have a hunt next time as most of the hunters will be in Georgia. What say Dick. I can hunt.

73s Joe AB5YC

T-hunt report for: March 20, 2002
Huntmasters: Jon N5BFX and Steve AA5CJ

The fox was located near the intersection of Villa Verde Drive and Palmas Altas Drive in Rio Rancho. The transmitter was located in a bowl-shaped storm diversion pond at the eastern edge of Rio Rancho, overlooking the North end of Corrales. The transmitting antenna was a horizontally polarized 7 element yagi, located in some small bushes, at a height of about 2 feet. The antenna was camouflaged with olive drab crepe paper. The antenna was aimed approximately straight east, in the general direction of Sandia Crest. The transmitter was one of the N5VA fox boxes running 1 watt.

The first hunter seen was Joe AB5YC who appeared at 11:36 and found the xtmr at 11:50. He was closely followed by Mike K5ATM and Debbie KD5LOK who arrived at 11:55 and found the xtmr at 12:05. The results:

Team Call Miles
Mike and Debbie K5ATM and KD5LOK 40.3
Dick W5UFZ Not Recorded
Jack KD5OEO Not recorded

As shown, Joe is the winner. Thanks to Mike K5ATM for the loan of the club fox box and for logistics support. The new fox box manual, located inside the xtmr box, is excellent.

Best 73s, Steve AA5CJ & Jon, N5BFX

T-hunt report for: March 3, 2002
Huntmaster: Dick, W5UFZ

There were three hunters: Jack KD5OEO, Steve AA5CJ, and Jon N5BFX. Steve and Jon were in one vehicle hunting as a team.


Team Call Miles
Steve and Jon AA5CJ and N5BFX 16 WINNER
Jack KD5OEO 19.9

73 de Dick W5UFZ

T-hunt report for: February 3, 2002
Huntmaster: Steve AA5CJ and Dick W5UFZ

There were two foxes, MOE transmitting on 145.565 MHz, and MOI transmitting on 146.565 MHz. The huntmaster at MOE was Steven, AA5CJ, and MOI was Dick, W5UFZ. MOE was located 1/4 mile west of Coronado Airport, just on the west side of I-25, in an arroyo.

Steven was running one watt to a horizontally polarized 11 element beam, which was pointing generally east down the arroyo. MOI was located approximately one mile east of Tramway and Tramway, from the corner where Tramway curves east up to the Sandia Tram. Dick was running 1.5 watts to a rubber ducky mounted in a horizontal position.

The winner of this hunt was to be the hunter who found both transmitters in the shortest distance. The results: K5ATM Mike and Debbie, first to MOI with 15.7 miles and then first to MOE with total distance of 26.6 miles. N5BFX Jon, went to MOE only. Second to arrive at MOE. AB5YC Joe, second at MOI with 19.3 miles and 4th at MOE with 55 miles. K5MJE Mike, third at MOI with 15.0 miles and third at MOE with 22 miles. (WINNER!) KD5OEO Jack, went to MOI only. Fourth to arrive at MOI. Scott e-mailed in sick. We hope you're OK now Scott.

It was an interesting hunt and we all had fun. We started at noon and wrapped up right at 4PM, so it can be done in 4 hours with 2 foxes.

73 until next time, Dick W5UFZ

T-hunt report for: January 19, 2002
Huntmaster: Mike K5ATM and Debbie KD5LOK

We had 4 teams hunting today: Dick (W5UFZ), Mike (K5MJE), Jack (KD5OEO), and Steve (AA5CJ). The skies were clear but the temperature was on the cold side. The fox was hidden in south east corner of the Four Hills area. Specifically in the open space just east of the trail head at the end of La Cabra Ct.SE (35d 2.66' N x 106d 28.92' W). This is 8.7 miles at 114 degrees (true) from the start point as the RF flies. Street Atlas gave 10.1 miles as the optimum route.

The fox was running 1 watt into an 11 element beam pointed toward the canyon and at a right angle to the start point. A second fox was running 1 watt into a rubber duck on 146.565MHz.

the results:

Team Call Miles
Dick W5UFZ 12.0 TIE
Steve AA5CJ 12.0 TIE
Mike K5MJE 12.5
Jack KD5OEO 16.6

Dick, W5UFZ 12.0

Jack, KD5OEO 16.6

Mike, K5MJE 12.5

Steve, AA5CJ 12.0

So we have a tie for first place. Dick left before Steve arrived so we could not hold a coin flip to decide the next Huntmaster. Here are a couple of options: 1) Hold a coin flip at the ARDF practice event a week from Sunday. Dick is planning on attending and Steve might. 2) Have two Huntmasters next time. Each can hide where they want but on different frequencies. The winner will be the one who finds both with the least mileage. The next hunt would normally be a Sunday afternoon hunt. To do a 2 fox hunt we would probably need to start early.

Mike, K5ATM

T-hunt report for: January 4, 2002
Huntmasters: Jerry WB8WFK

Today was a nice day for the first hunt of 2002. I selected a spot in a wooded area on the west side of the river north of the Alameda Bridge for the site. The 2 meter and 80 meter transmitter was about 500 feet apart. The 2-meter was driving a turnstile antenna with 5 watts and the 80 meter was driving a vertical antenna with 3 watts. The turnout was very good. 7 teams were out looking for the fox! More then one team had parked on the East Side of the river and walked to reduce their mileage.

The results:

Team Call Miles
Mike and Debbie K5ATM and KD5LOK 10.1 WINNER
John and Steve N5BFX and AA5CJ 12.0
Scott KC5VVB 12.5
Joe AB5YV 13.25
Dick W5UFZ 13.3
Brian and Katelyn N5ZGT 13.5

Mike you are it for the next hunt. Our first team Albuquerque ARDF practice session for 2002 will be later on in January. If you are interested in helping with setup and operation please contact Jack KD5OEO. This will allow our team to practice for Georgia.