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The 2001 USA ARDF Championships took place in beautiful Manzano State Park, southeast of Albuquerque (about an hour-long drive) on the east side of the Manzano mountains. Venue elevation was approximately 7000 feet (2100 meters) and temperatures were approximately 75 degrees F (24 degrees C).


Albuquerque is a magnificently unique combination of the very old and the highly contemporary, the natural world and the manmade environment, the frontier town and the cosmopolitan city, the indigenous and the come-lately. It is a harmonious but spectacular blend of extremely diverse cultures, cuisines, people, styles, stories, pursuits, and panoramas.
It is a city with a rich history. Evidence of inhabitation dates back as long as 25,000 years. That is the estimated age of bones recovered from a cave in the northwestern sector of the Sandia Mountains in 1936. (Skeptics and scholars have since widely revised the estimated age to something more like 10,000 years.) Anasazi Indians were the next to settle in the area. They lived here for two centuries, from 1100 to 1300, and established several communities throughout northwestern New Mexico connected by sophisticated transportation and communication networks.

Climate Information.

               Average Highs/Lows   Relative
     Month            (F)           Humidity
     January         47/22            55%
     February        53/26            49%
     March           61/32            39%
     April           71/40            33%
     May             80/49            32%
     June            91/58            28%
     July            93/65            42%
     August          89/63            45%
     September       83/55            46%
     October         72/43            43%
     November        57/31            48%
     December        48/23            56%

Travel Information.

One may travel to Albuquerque by plane, automobile or rail. The following major airlines fly into the Albuquerque International Sunport: America West, American, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Northwest, Southwest, TWA, and United. Albuquerque is also serviced by Amtrak rail-lines.

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