New to ARDF?

Never taken part in an ARDF event? Just starting to get involved in transmitter hunting? You too could have participated in the 2001 USA ARDF Championships!

The 2001 USA ARDF Championships was organized to accommodate individuals/teams who are new to transmitter hunting, as well as the experienced transmitter hunting enthusiast. The organizing committee included a special training program during the week of the Championships for participants to participate in! The following excellent classroom-style and hands-on training took place focusing on the following topics:


All of our training was led by experienced ARDF enthusiasts who either competed in the 2001 USA ARDF Championships, or have competed in previous high-profile ARDF events such as the 10th IARU World ARDF Championships which took place in China last October.

Other Information of Interest

For and excellent background on ARDF, what it is, what its history is and why it's becoming increasingly popular in the United States, click here (opens new browser).
We would like to put a rumor to rest: You do not need expensive equipment to participate in a transmitter hunt or ARDF event! For an informative article about the equipment commonly used in ARDF events, click here (opens new browser).
ARDF events include 80-meter transmitter hunts, in addition to the 2-meter hunt. Hunting on 80-meter is a different experience and is lots of fun! If you are interested in learning more about what is involved in hunting down a transmitter on this band, click here (opens new browser)
All ARDF events take place on foot (as opposed to in a car for part of the way like you may be used to), and participants can cover a lot of territory trying to find each of the transmitters! Therefore, it is a good idea to be in shape, and an excellent physical training program for ARDF events is available, courtesy of the Santa Barbara ARC T-Hunting group. Click here (opens new browser).
For more general information about ARDF hunts, as well as the DFing and orienteering techniques that are involved, click here (opens new browser).


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