2001 USA ARDF Championships


Official Event Results:

The official results ranked by age category have been compiled into PDF documents and are now available for your viewing! Enjoy, and congratulations to all of our participants!

2-Meter Overall 2-Meter USA Only 80-Meter Overall 80-Meter USA Only
Be sure to view the many event pictures on this website!

Thank You Letter from the Chairman

Fellow T-Hunters and ARDFers,

On behalf of the Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club, the Albuquerque Transmitter Hunters and the Amateur Radio community in and around Albuquerque, I would like to thank each and every participant who came to Albuquerque to compete in the 2001 USA ARDF Championships!

From July 31st - August 4th, 2001 USA ARDF Championship participants were treated to a memorable week by competing in the 2-meter and 80-meter ARDF hunts in the beautiful Manzano State Park southeast of Albuquerque. Training sessions took place throughout the week to help new and already-experienced ARDFers alike sharpen their radio direction finding and orienteering skills and learn new techniques, and the University of New Mexico provided excellent housing and food services to all. Wrapping the event up, we held a great awards banquet in which nearly everyone in attendence contributed presentations, speeches and good humor!

Participants came from all over the globe to participate. Among those places were China, Australia, Ukraine and of course within the United States! Jim Haynie W5JBP, president of the American Radio Relay League also attended and had a great time. Several sponsors generously donated time, money and material ensuring that each participant had a memorable time in the Land of Enchantment. And, of course, many volunteers gave their time to keep participants comfortable and happy!

A big thank you to everyone involved! I urge one and all to promote the unique activity of ARDF and T-Hunting in their own communities, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you again in the near future!

73 and Happy Hunting,
Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK
2001 USA ARDF Championships Chairman


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