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The 2001 USA ARDF Championship organizers made arrangements with the University of New Mexico (UNM) Conference Guest Services to provide housing and food services for the event.

Housing for the 2001 ARDF event was on the beautiful UNM campus. The
images above show two of the housing units. The image below (right) is just outside
the building containing the common areas (below left).

The UNM Food service provided top quality food in a "food court / all you can eat" format. The images below show the food court and a convenience store—which is located next to the common area. In addition to the normal items found in a convenience store, it also offers a variety of others foods and snacks such as Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts.  Registration fees covered food court service but not Corner Store expenses.

Also available in the common area were mail and ATM services.

Above: Just part of the food court

Above: Inside and outside the
"Corner Store"

Sleeping quarters were well maintained and comfortable.  All rooms were air conditioned and individually regulated. All rooms came with a private telephone (local calls are free) and all linens & towels were provided. Each residence hall offered a coin operated laundry service and an in-room internet connection.

The awards banquet was also held on campus. By centralizing services, participants did not need additional transportation.  The beautiful campus offered a variety of walking paths and the surrounding university neighborhood offers the usual book stores, coffee shops, etc.


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